2011 – My 6 favourite social media things

Saving time on Social Media

These things hit me round the head in 2011 (thanks to those that introduced them to me). They changed the way I use social media. I’ve used loads them this year, saving time and allowing me to do lots more. So imagine Mary Poppins and read about a few of my favourite things….

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  1. Bufferapp: Retweeting good material it is important; being able to distribute it evenly through the day without thinking about times is genius. Bufferapp stores my favourite RTs and then just works through them, tweeting them evenly through the day. It even has a nice little thing at the top of my tool bar so I can buffer anything I’m reading at any time – simples.
  2. Lastpass: How many passwords do you have? I have too many! Lastpass is simple, secure, very easy to use and free. Working across my three PCs and others peoples can be a nightmare without it. It automatically logs me into things, securely, then I don’t forget passwords. Better still is the way it means you don’t have to give your passwords to other people (not web developers, PAs, trusted friends “just to show them things”), ever.
  3. Paper.Li: Maybe you think having your paper is passé, but people like being mentioned and thank me for it – discussion started! Focusing on a subject helped (e.g. My Marketing Mavens). Now I read it, it’s is educational AND a great source for RTs.
  4. Dynamic widgets: Are these social media? Well content (blogs) are the heart of social media, so yes. These widgets allow me to easily display relevant things at the side of my blogs, which may (do) lead people to where you want them on your website.
  5. Twitter Lists: OK, really boring. BUT most people don’t use Twitter lists (well). Twitter is too noisy without these. I focus on sets of people for various things (special attention, excellent marketers, people experts, locals etc). So boring it gets overlooked, but it’s the essential building block for everything else.
  6. Formulists: Formulists automatically categorise people into your lists. My favourite is “new follows”; all my new followers go into it for a fortnight, which allows me to look at them, engage with them and decide whether to follow them back!

What are your favourites, please add a comment and tell me what they are.  Happy 2012


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