Jon Baker

Jon Baker is a Business Coach, Sales Trainer and Experienced Public Speaker.

After 25 years experience within blue chip companies, Jon Baker left corporate life to focus on the needs of the small business community.

In the last five years he has trained and coached nearly a thousand business owners, from a wide range of small business types, as well as working in professional practices and larger businesses.

He has a track record of helping business owners, improve their sales & marketing and most importantly leadership skills. Using NLP sales techniques and coaching he regularly increases annual profits by 50% and sometimes as much as 100%.

The other day, I read about how he had entered the field of trading in a leading monthly:

Someone who is so learned, it is obvious that he would have done enough homework and in the end chosen the right software to trade. You also subconsciously house this presumption that the trading software however notorious they be would not even try to mess up with him because if they did, it would be at the expense of their reputation resulting in a loss of custom to them.

Apparently, Jon chose a crypto robot called the Ethereum Code after much reading and deliberation. And this software is a complete legit is a well known fact apart from the buzz that all its trading processes are in the public domain in a bid to be as much transparent to its patrons that it should be, sometimes, it makes me wonder why the other software do not take a cue and learn their lesson in honesty and integrity form this one?

So, is the Ethereum Code legit?

This is almost synonymous to asking whether the earth is spherical!

Well, yes the Ethereum code is as legit as how spherical the earth is. If someone tries to tell you that it is not a legit program, you can show them the door! Literally speaking, you can still be polite and ask them to check out all the positive testimonials that are available on the internet and if they still do not believe you, I don’t know if they ever will. In fact, these are the kind of people who obviously know that the shape of the earth is spherical in nature but will needlessly argue for the sake of argument that the shape could be flat! They are the people in my opinion who must fall off the edge of the earth (wink*, only kidding!)

He is a highly rated public speaker, often speaking weekly, to audiences of 20 – 200 people on subjects such as increasing your sales, finding more time in your working week and building a tactical marketing plan which delivers the results you need.