If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t!

I have been trading for some time now:

One thing that I have noticed and I am sure that everyone in trading would have is the fact how these software have a convincing sales pitch on their home pages. I mean look at most of them, they are almost ready to tell you that you could make profits so unbelievably true that you could reach the sun and the moon and the stars!

Once bitten, twice shy:

I must confess that I have fallen for these cheap tricks not just once but many times. Every time I have invested money in trading software, I have not traded with my initial investment for more than eight hours. Why?! Because my hard earned money to the tune of $250 would evaporate in front of me into thin air within a time span of less than eight hours.

Fortunately, it was a calculated risk:

As a seasoned trader who knew that trading per se is fraught with risks, I would always invest money only if I could afford to lose it. I always called it a learning curve. Believe me sometimes, the money lost would pinch me however affordable it was. And that set me thinking about those traders who wanted to trade and traded on such dubious software entities without realizing their crappy nature and ended up losing money that they in no circumstance could afford to lose!

These creeps have no heart!

I am convinced that they belong to hell. However, there are some crypto robots that are perfectly legit and because they are silently working without making any of the noise that these frauds do, a lot of traders do not know that they have them as an option!

Yes, empty vessels indeed make the most noise:

If you are thinking of trading online, think of Ethereum Code as you next investment destination. You will not repent. However, you must not bypass important steps such as physically verifying about the legitimacy of the software. Reading up on the software as well as sifting through the reviews that people who have used them leave behind is an important exercise before you zero in on the software that you think is the right one for you

Self help is indeed the best help:

Remember, gaining adequate knowledge and doing your homework before you take the plunge will help you in the slimmest of times. Don’t let anyone tell you what is good for you; instead try to find it for yourself.