Always follow your own rules (and when I didn’t)

Sell more and save time: 1 great tip

A couple of weeks ago I broke of my own rules, guess what – I should not have done it! What rules do you have in your sales process to help you to sell more?

Selling is not about the big close
One thing putting many business owners off of selling is the fear of being “pushy”, translating into not wanting to do the “big close”. For some it’s unnatural to them, for others it increases a fear of rejection.

If you’ve ever felt the same way it may help you to think of selling differently. Having a series of steps in place reduces this need to be pushy, reduces the risk of “the big close” and can reduce the time that you spend selling.

Let me give you this with an example. There is this trading software called the Ethereum Code which I feel is honest to its core. It does not indulge in being pushy by claiming to be the best software in the industry or that if you open a trading account with them you can become a millionaire. It does not! And that is precisely why I or anyone else is so attracted to it. As a customer it is easy to be put off by businesses that hard sell themselves. Visit the website and you will know exactly why I chose this one!

Selling more is about trading commitments
Many years ago I learnt that if somebody is interested in buying, they’re willing to do something, even though they’ve not committed to the purchase. Think about when you want to buy things, is it true for you?

By thinking about your sale as a series of steps, where each of you makes some form of commitment, rather than one big push by you – selling starts to feel easier.

If they don’t make any steps, ask yourself – are they really interested? If they’re not interested, why would you ask them to buy? If you focus on the next step, rather than the final sale, you’ll find it easier. You can save time as you’re not trying to take people all the way through your sales process.

A sales process helps you to sell more
If you like the idea of trades of commitment and small steps in order to sell; put in place a process, then use it every time. Take all prospects through that same series of commitments (on your side and theirs). Sometimes this process will take longer, sometimes shorter, but every time you will go through the steps.

An example from my sales process
In my sales process I offer a 2 hour complimentary, no obligation, business coaching session to prospects (that’s a big commitment from me). I only do a limited number in a week.

Before this complimentary session I ask that they complete a questionnaire. It helps me give more value and shows that they were willing to invest in the process. When people don’t want to complete it, normally they’re not really interested.

The Rule I broke
There was a prospect that I was very interested in visiting, we’d had many good conversations and she’d “made all the right noises”. But, on the day of our meeting there was no completed questionnaire, meaning I’d be less able to help her (would take longer to focus onto the key elements of her business).

I broke my rule and went ahead with the meeting. When we met it was obvious that she wasn’t really interested, so I’d blocked out time to help somebody that wasn’t interested in receiving that help.

What could you add into your sales process, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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