This is my experience with this world class trading software

I was dejected:

And not doing well on the financial front was the main reason.

As if losing my job was not enough, I was being duped continuously by Ponzi schemes that I had bonafide invested in thinking that I could create a corpus for the rainy day in case something went wrong on the job front.

But that was not to be:

Friends and relatives kept harping about software programs that aided trading online in binary options and I kept giving in thinking that when so many people have themselves tried their hand, why not me?

But fate always disappointed!

Leave alone making profits, I could not even retain a minimum balance in the trading account. Only within four or five hours at the maximum my hard earned money to the tune of $250 would evaporate into thin air and I would be searching high and low for some respite. This has happened so many times that I have forgotten precisely how much of my valuable money I have lost to these fraudsters who will not bat an eyelid before they will scam another trader.

I sometimes wonder, if they even have a spine!

These scammers are mind blowing with their criminal modus operandi. They never get tired of stashing all the cash that they loot from the naïve traders who trust them with their eyes closed. I mean this is the worst kind of felony where you scam someone who trusts you and you try to take advantage of their trust. How low can someone even stoop?

The consolation:

But if there was any consolation, then it was in the form of a perfectly legit software called QProfit System feedback for which is extremely positive form me as well as majority of the people who care to leave behind testimonials on the internet and also those who review them objectively on various reviewing sites and also on their personal blogs.

So, what is it that impressed me?

First of all, it is a legit one. And since I zeroed on this one after having hurtled a lot everywhere else, it made sense to me to stick to this one. I had always thought that I must distribute my risks evenly in case perfectly legit software also turned juvenile suddenly. But all the fears were unfounded. I have been trading on this wonderful software for more than two years and each time I have had this feeling that they will never play with anyone’s trust.

I strongly recommend this to anyone who wishes to make a supplementary income. Do check out their website and read the fine print before you begin investing as a precautionary rule anyhow.

Busting the cryptocurrency myths

Cryptocurrencies have been there for close to a decade now. There are various ways in which these convenient digital currencies are being used. They are used for financial transactions to purchase products and services. And they are also being traded like conventional currencies. If the currency that you have purchased soars in its price then you would be able to sell your crypto coins and earn the profit. Are you new to the field of cryptocurrencies? Fear not there are some great cryptocurrency bots. You can even trade cryptocurrencies without actually buying them by investing in CFD trading with cryptocurrencies. If you choose a cryptocurrency and CFD trading robot you would be able to effortlessly begin your journey in crypto trading.

All that being said there are still some myths that are associated with crypto currencies and crypto trading:

  1. You are gambling when you purchase cryptocurrencies

Gambling is very different from trading. With gambling there is the luck factor that determines the winning chances no matter how strong a strategy you have. But with cryptocurrencies it is much similar to trading in stocks. The market volatility is observed and put to good use to make profits from the price changes that occur.

  1. Cryptocurrencies have saturated

It is not too late. It has been several years since these digital currencies were first introduced but they have started gaining momentum very recently. With the massive growth that occurred in the recent years there are measures being considered to stabilize and find a long term plan for these currencies. So if you have still not invested in crypto currencies it is not late.

  1. It is too much of technology to understand

Anything that you do not know about might seem a bit overwhelming at first. The same applies to crypto currencies as well. The technology that lies underneath might be sophisticated. But you would simply have to understand how the ICOs work and how to buy and sell crypto currencies. Once you enter crypto trading it is quite easy to understand.

  1. It is illegal to buy and trade cryptocurrencies

The unstoppable growth of crypto currencies has caught the attention of the major nations. Though there are no regulations surrounding crypto trading in most regions this is not illegal. In fact, considering the growing popularity of crypto trading several nations are now coming forward to regulate and streamline crypto currency systems.


Few quick points about the history of cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has been one of those trends that everyone wants to try. There are various ICOs now offering different digital coins and there are various global businesses allowing payments through cryptocurrencies. With so much happening in this realm it makes perfect sense to get to the beginning of everything.

From the time a paper on electronic cash system was published to the time where there are bots taking care of the finances and the trading activities, we have come a long way. If you are looking for a reliable source of information about trading bots and crypto trading systems here is a website that would help. Check it out to start trading in cryptocurrencies today.

The precursors

The concept of virtual currencies is not new to us. In facts several businesses have adopted virtual payment methods for decades. We have seen the paperless cash system idea floating around for years. And all these were looked at with scepticism because an asset that is not tangible has inherent security issues. Addressing such vulnerabilities came the system of digital currencies backed by strong cryptography and we call it the cryptocurrencies.

The paper that marked the beginning

Satoshi Nakamoto submitted a paper titled, “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” way back in 2008. The real identity of Satoshi Nakamato is an unresolved mystery till date. As a paper it was admired by critics but then not many were sure about the feasibility of the large scale implementation of such a system. But then in 2009 bitcoin was introduced. By 2010 there were a few transactions that took place. People bought bitcoins and sold them successfully.

Two years down the line the competition began

Rapidly growing, the bitcoins became popular around the world. And in 2011 we saw the introduction of new cryptocurrencies. And this in turn kindled the curiosity of the investors looking for new options. And today there are thousands of different types of digital coins in the market and thus it has led to a lucrative trading system in itself.

Crypto trading bots have changed the game!

Finally the era of automated trading systems began. And this did not leave the crypto trading system untouched. Trading bots and CFD systems that help new crypto traders are available in the market. And there are so many of them to choose from. Given that this has also led to the increase in scams take your pick with caution.

The Future Perception On Gold, Dollar Value And Bitcoins

With more and more cryptocurrencies being introduced since the last decade, the flaws in the other conventional assets are being reduced one by one.

Analysing Dollar Value and other Fiat Money

Some of the beneficial points that are worth mentioning about Bitcoins, which make it unique from its counterparts include:

  1. Complete elimination of a centralized control over the fiat currency and assets. For example minimising the role of the government and the influential lot
  2. Reduction in the rate of inflation in cryptocurrencies, as compared to the steep inflations and deflations created in the market due to USD and gold
  3. Removal of corrupt source such as those from the hands of influential and powerful people who are able to manipulate the value of gold and dollar in different economic times

Analysing Gold

Here is a list of reasons how gold came into existence and later turned out to be one of the most valued assets:

  1. Gold is useful not only as an asset but also as an ornamental object and as a prestige item
  2. It is a heavy asset and hence a divisible asset
  3. It is resilient

However, here is a look at why Bitcoins could slowly replace gold:

  1. In this world of digitalisation, the physicality of gold prevents it from being connected with technology. However, on the other hand, Bitcoins are a by-product of technology.
  2. Gold cannot reform itself to meet the needs of technology. On the contrary, Bitcoins are transparent and decentralized, therefore it can be easily connected with technology and its growing needs.
  3. Another example worth mentioning is that you cannot transport gold instantly from one place to another or from one individual to another without the reliance on some sort of central authority to release gold based on demand at different locations. However, this proves to be a hassle. Bitcoins on the other hand, can be transferred from one place to another almost instantaneously through the Blockchain network.
  4. Although the uses of gold are increasing, it cannot be produced efficiently. However, Bitcoins are highly divisible, even to the smallest fraction.

Overall, it can be concluded that Bitcoins and alternative digital currencies will become the future legal currency regulated by the government itself. This is because Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies will overcome the flaws that are depicted in the fiat money and in gold, as an asset. The ability of Bitcoins to be digitised is what will be the contributing factor to its success in the future.

Types of robustness that a trading system requires

We are in the age of digital technology dominating every industry possible. Bots are ruling various domains. And trading is no exception. When we talk about using an automated system or a bot there is one benefit that is commonly discussed and that is the robustness of the system that comes with the reliability factor. But with trading there is a thin line between agility of the system and the robustness required. There are volatilities in the market and different instruments react differently to these changes. There are various indices that collate the performance of the markets. And the relationship that each instrument has with these indices might be different. All these factors put together would help a trader take the best trading decisions. There are now various trading systems like where beginners can effortlessly trade without even knowing how to trade.

So getting back to the robustness concept, what are the types of robustness that a trading system is expected to incorporate?

Robustness in timeframe

The trading system or a trading strategy that you have developed should be able to give the predicted results no matter which timeframe you choose for it to be called timeframe robust. This is however not possible practically. The incorporated indicators and the decision making strategy might differ for short term movements and long term trends. The essential factor is to pick an ideal timeframe to trade with the chosen system or strategy.

Robust in optimisation

Curve fitting might not be good as the system might not really be future ready when the parameter value changes in the course of time. In trading back testing is only a possible way to test the strategy but a strategy that works with the data from the past might not always work on data in the future. The system that is robust in optimisation would be one that is able to reduce the chances of curve fitting and increase the possibility of optimisation while maximising the objective function.

Robust irrespective of the chosen instrument

As the name indicates this is a system or strategy that gives similar results even if you switch instruments. This is not a favourable situation however. Cryptocurrencies do not function similar to forex trading nor similar to stocks.

So if you really want to meet your goals in trading you should know which type of robustness would be relevant in your system. There might be different market scenarios where each of these robustness types might be useful. Understanding the relationship helps you become a better trader.


It was a new online trading program called the Bitcoin Loophole software.

I have been reading about trading systems and cryptocurrencies for a while. It is something that I kept away from as I was not comfortable about investing and trading with unknown people online. I could not trust some random website and strangers when it came to money as I had also read about many scammers. But then I came across a review which really impressed me.

As I said earlier I do not trust websites very easily, but this website appeared pretty genuine and I was taken in by the demo video and the information given on the website. It was a new online trading program called the Bitcoin Loophole software. The program is created with dedication and all the care in the world. It helps people like me and others to trade in cryptocurrencies which would have been impossible for us otherwise in the normal course.

The program is easy to join and we can register on the website with some basic details. According to the information on the website, it is completely free and has all security protocols in place. But I was not satisfied yet. I wanted to ensure that it was a secure and a genuine website before investing any money. So I checked out the reviews and testimonials across the internet. One of the reviews given by an expert group is about trading robot, and especially this particular program.

In the review they try to provide a completely unbiased assessment and endorse a program only if they approve of it completely. Even the brokers associated with this program are all genuine and legitimate license holders. So once I was convinced about the efficacy I decided to join the trading program. I opened it on my laptop easily and then registered by filling in the details. I was immediately asked to go to another link where I was allotted a broker and I could start trading. The minimum amount to start is $250 so I deposited that using my credit card. That was it and I was in the trading business.

As I am still new in the trading arena so I chose to observe for a little time and then opted for the automatic mode, though a manual mode is also available. I set the parameters and since then there has been no day that some profit has not been deposited into my account. I have decided to continue and reinvest the amount so that the profit can accumulate and increase. You can do the same once convinced of the reliability of the program.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t!

I have been trading for some time now:

One thing that I have noticed and I am sure that everyone in trading would have is the fact how these software have a convincing sales pitch on their home pages. I mean look at most of them, they are almost ready to tell you that you could make profits so unbelievably true that you could reach the sun and the moon and the stars!

Once bitten, twice shy:

I must confess that I have fallen for these cheap tricks not just once but many times. Every time I have invested money in trading software, I have not traded with my initial investment for more than eight hours. Why?! Because my hard earned money to the tune of $250 would evaporate in front of me into thin air within a time span of less than eight hours.

Fortunately, it was a calculated risk:

As a seasoned trader who knew that trading per se is fraught with risks, I would always invest money only if I could afford to lose it. I always called it a learning curve. Believe me sometimes, the money lost would pinch me however affordable it was. And that set me thinking about those traders who wanted to trade and traded on such dubious software entities without realizing their crappy nature and ended up losing money that they in no circumstance could afford to lose!

These creeps have no heart!

I am convinced that they belong to hell. However, there are some crypto robots that are perfectly legit and because they are silently working without making any of the noise that these frauds do, a lot of traders do not know that they have them as an option!

Yes, empty vessels indeed make the most noise:

If you are thinking of trading online, think of Ethereum Code as you next investment destination. You will not repent. However, you must not bypass important steps such as physically verifying about the legitimacy of the software. Reading up on the software as well as sifting through the reviews that people who have used them leave behind is an important exercise before you zero in on the software that you think is the right one for you

Self help is indeed the best help:

Remember, gaining adequate knowledge and doing your homework before you take the plunge will help you in the slimmest of times. Don’t let anyone tell you what is good for you; instead try to find it for yourself.

This system also has the provision of automated trading

Many people read about digital currencies and wish they could be a part of the revolutionary mechanism. But it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Though it is proclaimed as a simple process but most of the people are not able to mine cryptocurrencies online. You need in depth information and powerful computers to do the same. People do have some other options through which they can acquire some virtual currency.

One option is to trade online using one of the trusted platforms and trade in Bitcoins and other currencies. So are you one of the people wondering about the mechanism of these trading platforms? Then read on. Our assessments are conducted very strictly and we do not recommend every program that is launched. After a rigorous testing for performance, we endorse only those trading platforms that are genuine and reliable and which also deliver consistently fantastic results.

Here is one program that we recommend for digital currency trading, mainly Bitcoin. Known as the Bitcoin Loophole System or as Bitcoin Secret Loophole is a new trading system that has been created by Steve McKay. It allows the robot to analyze all the past and present information about the Bitcoins and other digital currencies and then predict the trends based upon all the data. It can also check the events that are happening in the stock market anywhere in the world to arrive at a pretty accurate forecast about the trends in their rates. Being a computer and software program it does all this in a few moments and can help people place successful bets.

Alternatively, this system also has the provision of automated trading. This means that you can allow the robot to place the bets on your behalf, within the parameters set by you. This allows the robot to work for you even when you are not able to be physically present to execute every trade. You do not have to pay for any service here- not for the use of the robot, software program, the brokers or the customer care. Amazingly this program is able to make profits just by being the right platform of trading.

You do have to pay some money for trading, that is your investment and the minimum to begin with is 250 Dollars. Afterwards, depending on your risk taking capacity and financial state you can increase the amount. You can withdraw the amount and profits that accrue anytime you want. With a simple interface it is really an amazingly wonderful program that can convert your dreams of cryptocurrency into reality.


Become a smart investor by choosing a trading bot

There is no hard and fast rule that states the right way to invest. In fact investment is a subjective term. What appears as an expense to one might actually be some form of investment to another. You do not have to own a huge sum of money to become an investor. Everyone who earns regular income should plan about investment. This is a way to use the money at hand in the present to secure the future, a way to make money work harder.

If you have no idea where to begin you can always seek the assistance of investment agencies and advisors. There is one other easy way to do it, by doing your own research and finding out what suits you the most. This is a more reliable way to start investment and you would be a confident investor. How would you then become a smart investor? A smart investor is one who is able to make the best investment in terms of money and time. In short if you are able to find an investment strategy that allows you to save time and make decent profits in a short period then it would really be a smart investment strategy.

Trading bots to your rescue

One of the most popular choices when it comes to smart investment is an automated trading system. Automated trading systems and trading bots are nothing but pieces of code that are written in order to trade as a trader would, but with a better computational power and good speeds. And these are designed with such simple interfaces that even without prior exposure to trading you would still be able to become a trader.

The formidable growth of the bots in trading

Though it was initially welcomed with scepticism the idea of bots in trading is now being accepted globally. And with a full time job taking up a major portion of the day people hardly find time to sit and study the market. The trading systems make the whole process simpler. They cut down the efforts required and the time required. Statistical data shows that a majority of the trade order executed everyday are placed by bots. If not in an auto pilot mode taking even the decisions, traders now use bots at least to automate the order placement process. Bots thus have a bright future in the field of trading.

You must check out this forex crypto robot! Yes you must!!

Have you been mulling over trading online?

With the current economic crisis and the job market having a downward spiral, it is but a necessity that you or anyone for that matter braces themselves up for any eventuality. The global economic crisis is so unpredictable that no one knows or can tell when it can strike closer home.

One day, you are back from your workplace and the next thing you know when you wake up the next morning that you have lost your job. This is not any figment of imagination but this has happened to a lot of my friends and acquaintances who have had a tough time building up their careers from the scratch. Imagine the labor lost and the heart break et al!

No enemy should be in such a tight situation ever:

When you have a family to support and financial commitments chalked out for the nest twenty or so years, it can be hard to lose your job leave alone when you haven’t even built a corpus for a rainy day. This hard hitting truth is the story of ninety percent of working people in the world today.

You can trade online using CFD traders:

Lets for all practical reasons assume once and for all that the income that one can generate from online trading is only supplementary in nature. A person can trade to become a full time trader but still the saturation limit of income generation is quite small. So, if you are planning to trade online, choose the best in class. For forex trading, I would strongly recommend that you go for Crypto CFD Trader. I have beta tested this software myself and I am convinced that this one is complete honest software that allows the trader to profit and not fill its own pockets and have the empty last laugh in the end when the trader is beating his brows!

Crypto currencies are promising!

Apart from trading in foreign currencies, you can also dabble in trading and accumulating crypto currencies like bitcoin, litecoin, et al. the air is rife with rumors such as crypto-currencies is a bubble waiting to burst but believe me a lot of traders have become wealthy by speculating on it and accumulating it. There is no harm in trying your luck. However, don’t go overboard and remember that trading is full of risks so you only invest so much money that you are sure you can afford to lose! Loads of luck!!