How to make resolutions and business planning actually work.

Are your resolutions now discarded like unwanted wrapping paper on
Christmas morning? Is that like most of the business planning you’ve ever
Many businesses and business people put such enthusiasm and energy
into business planning and resolutions, only to discard them like unwanted Brussels sprouts. It’s an
almost criminal waste of time.

Treat you trading failures as learning curves:

Till I hit upon this wonderful trading software in forex called the CryptoCFDTrader, I was convinced that entire online trading industry including it various software is a scam. I know I was a victim of generalization but I have had my own reasons to assume this.

Can you believe that I have been duped not once, not twice but at least four times before and losing close to $1000 is like losing two month’s rent! I was scared that if I didn’t stop experimenting with these cheats, I would have been homeless by now.

So, one fine day I dropped the curtains down:

For about six months I did not dare to invest my money into any software. I had a day job and I was silently reading up on the software. I was particularly eyeing this software and it struck me that it could very well be the answer that I was looking for. I was not impulsive this time.

I spoke to veterans in the field who gave me a go ahead:

I invested my money here and let me tell you that today I in a state of peace of mind only because  I did my homework well and I knew where I was putting my money. My advice to everyone who aspires to become a trader is to read enough before you put in your money into any trading software.

By this point in the year most people with new year resolutions will have given up. Like most
people with new business plans, a month or so later, they’ve returned to their old ways.
If there’s something so powerful at the core of new year resolutions, business planning and
creating the firm you want – why does it go so wrong? Before answering that directly, a
Traffic jams and broken dreams
Have you ever wondered why? Why you drive up the motorway for mile after mile and the same
flashing overhead signs are telling you things that just don’t exist? Do you think “small wonder
nobody takes any notice of the signs”?
I was recently driving and wondering just that. For miles the signs told me to slow down as there
were traffic jams, there were none. What’s more, these were signs on the new “managed
motorways” where the signs are (supposed to be) more actively managed!
The result, after the first couple of signs everybody started to speed up. What led to this
Ordinary law abiding citizens obey the law, while they think it’s relevant, enforced and that the
information around it is accurate.