Using LinkedIn groups to get more business

You may have seen the group function on LinkedIn, but do you really use it?

“I’m in lots of groups, but don’t use them”
“The group seems really quiet”
“What should I do in a group”
“How do I choose which groups to belong to”
The groups in LinkedIn can be a fantastic way of getting to know your contacts and what they need, getting to know new contacts and a critical part of getting invoiceable business from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Groups
Groups are discussion forums on LinkedIn of like minded individuals. Using them well is a great way to get in contact with more people and demonstrate your expertise.

Why are LinkedIn groups good?
The discussions in groups can give you an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and to get to know people. Groups tend to be focussed around a particular category of person – by their needs or interests.

LinkedIn groups are a great way to get to know the people you want to be connected to. Decide how much time you can devote to getting to know people in your target market and start by making regular, useful, contributions to the groups that they are in. Engage in sensible conversation with them, then you are ready to take the relationship off of the public forum and exploring ways that you could work together.

I am in lots of LinkedIn groups, is there a limit?
Yes, you can only be a member of 50 groups at any one time. Ask yourself what your purpose for being in the groups is and how each group is helping you with that.

If you are not setting aside time to contribute to the groups and participate in the discussions, is there a point in being there? If you are going to use LinkedIn well, you need to set aside a set amount of time every day/ week to use it and participate in groups.

How do I choose which LinkedIn groups to join?
There are hundreds of groups to choose from, search from groups by keywords or categories. Join, look at who is there and what the discussion is like, you can always quietly leave again. Did you never go window shopping and walk into a shop without buying?

A really good tip is to target the groups that your prospects are in. Search for your prospects, look at the groups they belong to (20 minutes of research time), their groups are shown on their profiles.

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What should I do in the groups?
Look at the discussions that are already there, which can you contribute some useful information to? Perhaps:

You’re an expert in the subject being discussed
You have experienced the issue under discussion or have some good ideas about it
You recently read a good online article about it (can share the link)
You are genuinely interested in the answer
What discussion threads can you start? If you want to be well known in the group as a positive contributor who is worth knowing you may consider:

Starting a discussion around a blog you’ve written
Starting a discussion around something clients often ask you
Sharing a link to an article of interest that is linked to what you do
What shouldn’t I do in groups?
You will get the best results by being interesting, helpful and supportive; not selling or being negative.

What comes next?
As you look at the people in the discussions which are of interest to you? Connecting with people of interest is a good way to start developing the relationship.
Offering some offline support if their query is something you wouldn’t discuss in public

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Having a contact development strategy. It’s no good jsut having hundreds of connections, what are you going to do with them?
How much time should I spend using LinkedIn?
How long is a piece of string? What do you want to achieve, how much time do you have? Decide on a regular amount of time and how you will use it, now do it! You may choose to spend 1 hour every other day, broken down into 30 minutes contributing to groups, some time sharing news (status updates) and some time researching your contact. It depends on how LinkedIn fits within your marketing strategy.

Jon Baker

Jon Baker is a Business Coach, Sales Trainer and Experienced Public Speaker.

After 25 years experience within blue chip companies, Jon Baker left corporate life to focus on the needs of the small business community.

In the last five years he has trained and coached nearly a thousand business owners, from a wide range of small business types, as well as working in professional practices and larger businesses.

He has a track record of helping business owners, improve their sales & marketing and most importantly leadership skills. Using NLP sales techniques and coaching he regularly increases annual profits by 50% and sometimes as much as 100%.

The other day, I read about how he had entered the field of trading in a leading monthly:

Someone who is so learned, it is obvious that he would have done enough homework and in the end chosen the right software to trade. You also subconsciously house this presumption that the trading software however notorious they be would not even try to mess up with him because if they did, it would be at the expense of their reputation resulting in a loss of custom to them.

Apparently, Jon chose a crypto robot called the Ethereum Code after much reading and deliberation. And this software is a complete legit is a well known fact apart from the buzz that all its trading processes are in the public domain in a bid to be as much transparent to its patrons that it should be, sometimes, it makes me wonder why the other software do not take a cue and learn their lesson in honesty and integrity form this one?

So, is the Ethereum Code legit?

This is almost synonymous to asking whether the earth is spherical!

Well, yes the Ethereum code is as legit as how spherical the earth is. If someone tries to tell you that it is not a legit program, you can show them the door! Literally speaking, you can still be polite and ask them to check out all the positive testimonials that are available on the internet and if they still do not believe you, I don’t know if they ever will. In fact, these are the kind of people who obviously know that the shape of the earth is spherical in nature but will needlessly argue for the sake of argument that the shape could be flat! They are the people in my opinion who must fall off the edge of the earth (wink*, only kidding!)

He is a highly rated public speaker, often speaking weekly, to audiences of 20 – 200 people on subjects such as increasing your sales, finding more time in your working week and building a tactical marketing plan which delivers the results you need.

The dangerously common LIE when meeting people.

Do you tell it, and can you change it?

You’ve heard it and probably been asked the dreaded question:

Hi, how’s work?

Can you, or do you, answer it honestly?

When you are answering it, how do you feel?

3 responses to that most common question.
Many are obviously really excited about their role. It is motivational to just listen to them. Have you met people like that? Think about how they made you feel.
There are those that are obviously lying “yes it’s going really well” might be the words, but not the body language. What do you think when you meet them?
Finally those that don’t even pretend, “it’s alright”, or one of my favourites “it’s OK, I suppose”!!! What does that mean anyway? Then, my all time favourite “not too bad“, what do you think they are focusing on? How do they leave you feeling?
Positivity is important?
Do you buy from negative people if you have a choice? So, being positive is important, but I don’t advocate lying! You need to feel good about what you are doing.

And you will feel good when you are trading online through this program that is not only easy to use but easy to make profits too. If you read the Bitcoin Loophole review, then you will realize that almost all the experts and investors are pleased with it. They are getting the value for their investments and are ready to share their success stories happily.

When describing what you do to a stranger, how excited do you feel? If you get excited and passionate about your company, your role and where it’s going then you probably feel good overall (it’s OK to want to tweak a couple of bits).

If you answer without passion and you hear yourself saying “yes…. but…” then you need to stop for a few minutes and ensure you’re pointing the right way.

So which parts of the role can you talk passionately about – “I love….”, then you can be truthful AND passionate.

Get inspired.
I was fortunate enough to work with a truly inspirational sales director some years ago; I don’t work with him now, but I ensure that we meet up periodically. We discuss various issues, but I always feel great afterwards and he enjoys the meeting too.

Who inspires you when you work with them, can you arrange to work with them more often?

3 ideas to improve your motivation
Find a way to work alongside somebody that you find inspiring, maybe just spending more time with them after a networking meeting.
What are you doing this week to move towards your big picture? If you can’t see how you are moving towards it, it isn’t working well enough for you. It is easy to get stuck in the drudgery of day to day work. Ensure you revisit that vision regularly and remind yourself about what you are doing to move towards it.
Talking about that exciting vision can help keep you motivated too, who can you share your passion with this week?
Your body talks
Whether you like it or not, your body talks to others about your attitude. It’s a two way street, standing enthusiastically helps you think positively and vice versa

Passion and power.
Passion and power go hand in hand; the passion will help you drive things forward.

I often talk about the importance of the big picture, of using the power that an exciting vision has. It can motivate you and your team and can align your team around common values.

Can you, do you, share an exciting vision with your team (that includes those you network with regularly).

Sometimes it is also important to look at the little details; small changes can often make a huge difference to the way we feel, and that affects our performance. Think about the little things that make a big difference to YOU (not cutting my lawn can get me down!) and hence your performance.

Your enjoyment.
What tasks do you enjoy the most? Are you doing those tasks or delegating them to others in your team?

I was recently working with a business owner who was feeling more and more demotivated. She was “giving away all the bits of the job” that she enjoyed.

In your company you decide who does what, you allocate roles to get the best out of the company, you are part of that equation. If you can’t enjoy the job and be passionate, it is unlikely you can inspire your staff.

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