Become a smart investor by choosing a trading bot

There is no hard and fast rule that states the right way to invest. In fact investment is a subjective term. What appears as an expense to one might actually be some form of investment to another. You do not have to own a huge sum of money to become an investor. Everyone who earns regular income should plan about investment. This is a way to use the money at hand in the present to secure the future, a way to make money work harder.

If you have no idea where to begin you can always seek the assistance of investment agencies and advisors. There is one other easy way to do it, by doing your own research and finding out what suits you the most. This is a more reliable way to start investment and you would be a confident investor. How would you then become a smart investor? A smart investor is one who is able to make the best investment in terms of money and time. In short if you are able to find an investment strategy that allows you to save time and make decent profits in a short period then it would really be a smart investment strategy.

Trading bots to your rescue

One of the most popular choices when it comes to smart investment is an automated trading system. Automated trading systems and trading bots are nothing but pieces of code that are written in order to trade as a trader would, but with a better computational power and good speeds. And these are designed with such simple interfaces that even without prior exposure to trading you would still be able to become a trader.

The formidable growth of the bots in trading

Though it was initially welcomed with scepticism the idea of bots in trading is now being accepted globally. And with a full time job taking up a major portion of the day people hardly find time to sit and study the market. The trading systems make the whole process simpler. They cut down the efforts required and the time required. Statistical data shows that a majority of the trade order executed everyday are placed by bots. If not in an auto pilot mode taking even the decisions, traders now use bots at least to automate the order placement process. Bots thus have a bright future in the field of trading.

You must check out this forex crypto robot! Yes you must!!

Have you been mulling over trading online?

With the current economic crisis and the job market having a downward spiral, it is but a necessity that you or anyone for that matter braces themselves up for any eventuality. The global economic crisis is so unpredictable that no one knows or can tell when it can strike closer home.

One day, you are back from your workplace and the next thing you know when you wake up the next morning that you have lost your job. This is not any figment of imagination but this has happened to a lot of my friends and acquaintances who have had a tough time building up their careers from the scratch. Imagine the labor lost and the heart break et al!

No enemy should be in such a tight situation ever:

When you have a family to support and financial commitments chalked out for the nest twenty or so years, it can be hard to lose your job leave alone when you haven’t even built a corpus for a rainy day. This hard hitting truth is the story of ninety percent of working people in the world today.

You can trade online using CFD traders:

Lets for all practical reasons assume once and for all that the income that one can generate from online trading is only supplementary in nature. A person can trade to become a full time trader but still the saturation limit of income generation is quite small. So, if you are planning to trade online, choose the best in class. For forex trading, I would strongly recommend that you go for Crypto CFD Trader. I have beta tested this software myself and I am convinced that this one is complete honest software that allows the trader to profit and not fill its own pockets and have the empty last laugh in the end when the trader is beating his brows!

Crypto currencies are promising!

Apart from trading in foreign currencies, you can also dabble in trading and accumulating crypto currencies like bitcoin, litecoin, et al. the air is rife with rumors such as crypto-currencies is a bubble waiting to burst but believe me a lot of traders have become wealthy by speculating on it and accumulating it. There is no harm in trying your luck. However, don’t go overboard and remember that trading is full of risks so you only invest so much money that you are sure you can afford to lose! Loads of luck!!

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A lot of times, people have asked me if trading is actually a legit way of earning money as most of the websites on the internet make it out to be. And my answer to them categorically is that it all depends on the website for trading that they choose.

While it is easiest to randomly choose any software and open a trading account, it is noteworthy that nine out of ten software that are on the internet today are nothing less than crooks. The way they are mushrooming all over the place makes me think two times about trading but one thing is sure, you must enter this field only with the comprehensive knowledge that trading as a preoccupation is fraught with risks and that you must invest only so much money that you can afford to lose.

Having said this, it is no use being threatened:

What you must do instead of being scared is to be informed. Knowledge is indeed power and there is nothing really that you cannot conquer with the power of knowledge. Read as much as you can on the trading software that catches your fancy and make sure that you are convinced beyond reasonable doubt that the software is beyond all the vile of the human nature.

If forex trading seems to be your forte, then without much ado opt for this completely legit software called the Crypto CFD trader. You can continue reading about this website on my blog post that I individually posted recently after I conducted a beta testing of the program and found it outstanding. The results of my trading are for everyone to see.

Whether it is foreign currency or crypto currency or merely a contract for difference, you can trust this fabulous software with your eyes closed. Try it now and thank me later!

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Here is a review about the CFD trading system that also deals in crypto currencies. This program thus combines the two most important aspects of trading, CFD and digital currency. The important aspect of the program is whether it can be trusted. Crypto CFD Trader system review brings an unbiased review and that helps to make the right decision about investments in this program. It is recommended for trading. Just like the book mentioned above is

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Heather judged the British Accountancy Awards in 2011 and 2012. Over 80% of her clients are either accountants or lawyers. She has spoken for the ICAEW, ACCA, AAT, CIMA, Law Society, UK200 group and MSI Global Alliance.

JON BAKER specialises in helping small professional practices grow profitably and sustainably from 5 to 50 people. He has 25 years experience of managing, training and coaching in business helping ambitious professionals improve their leadership, marketing and management skills.

Both Heather and Jon are members of the Professional Speaking Association UK and Ireland.

How can you help clients who don’t respond?

You’re coming up on a deadline, you’ve done your side of the bargain (and
some) but you’re waiting on them to get their information back to you. If
they delay either you end up working long hours late into the night, or you
have to “let them down”. Although as it’s their fault, that’s not really a fair
description, but that’s how they see it. Is that when you’ve asked yourself
how can you manage your clients?
3/25/2018 How to manage your clients, avoid stress and improve client service.

How to manage
your clients while
they sit and wait for
Have you ever felt like that?
Most accountants get that feeling every year. My accounting friends have just emerged from their
annual nightmare. Known affectionately as SATR season or the silly season. It’s when most of their
clients hand them data (late) and expect their tax returns completed on time (as they don’t want a
penalty from HMRC).
Do you have a silly season too, or maybe you just regularly suffer clients who create the
same issues?
I strongly suspect the causes, (and cure) of the problems in your business are the same.
A seasonal nightmare?
What causes this problem? Like Christmas, it comes at the same time
every year and everybody wants something. For retailers the problem is
that we all want to eat like pigs and expand our waistline as well as being
worried that the shops will be shut for a whole day.
So, it’s the client fault then? Errr, NO. If you know that clients tend not to be ready on time, it’s your
job to help them (unless you like the stress laden deadlines).
When should you fix the problem?
The best time to fix the problem is NOW. Yes, right at the moment when you’re desperate for a
break. Now is the time to at least capture your learnings, create your strategy for next year and get
things ready.
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3/25/2018 How to manage your clients, avoid stress and improve client service.

How to manage
your clients is about
not giving up – just
like when you learnt
to ride a bike – You
fall off, and go again.
That’s why you should create your plans NOW.

Now is the right time to start trading and make money. Do not wait until the boat has sailed. In other terms when you start trading at a younger age and in the beginning of a scheme, then you can make more money even with small amounts of investments and enjoy better profit rates. Here is a great trading option for you known as Crypto CFD Trader. Start when the motivation is high.

The motivation is higher now to stop this from
recurring than it will be until just before it all happens again.
You can manage your clients.
Yes, I know you’ve tried before, maybe it didn’t work – SO WHAT!
When you first learnt to ride a bike did you give up after the first couple of
attempts and limp home with a bruised and bleeding knee? No, you got
back on and tried some more. Why? Because you knew it was the right
thing to do.
How to manage your clients
As with all good stories, start at the beginning. If you want them to give you tax return information
in December, plan for it, ask for it and chase for it long before.
Create a campaign and a process. The campaign will use different media, some automation, some
motivation and will need you to remember why you want it to work. You might think of it like a
marketing plan, perhaps that’s what it is. Download our free marketing plan template, it’s free and
waiting for you. Click here for instant access (email address required).
When you first take them on, discuss how you’ll work to their benefit and what their benefit will be.
Make the return of vital information part of that discussion.
But I’m shattered and want a break.
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3/25/2018 How to manage your clients, avoid stress and improve client service.
How to manage
your clients so you
enjoy success like
this cyclist
If you’re delivering a project for them, discuss up front when you need items from them, and how
you will do your side of the bargain – if they do theirs. Create a shared project plan for each client.
A project plan?
OK, maybe that sounds pretentious. List the steps, what date each of the
main ones need to happen and include their responsibilities. Agree the list,
remember you’re the expert. Start at the date they need the final
product and work backwards.
Now you can manage them. That’s remind, incentivise, cajole or any other word you choose.
Maybe it’s about pricing (do you flex your pricing according to the time/ quality/ price equation
You could include your pricing strategy in the incentives. Maybe you’ll have penalty clauses (these
are becoming more popular among Accountants), or won’t give a price increase if things are done
on time, etc.
What else could you do to incentivise them to produce the goods on time?
Author Credit:

How to make resolutions and business planning actually work.

Are your resolutions now discarded like unwanted wrapping paper on
Christmas morning? Is that like most of the business planning you’ve ever
Many businesses and business people put such enthusiasm and energy
into business planning and resolutions, only to discard them like unwanted Brussels sprouts. It’s an
almost criminal waste of time.

Treat you trading failures as learning curves:

Till I hit upon this wonderful trading software in forex called the CryptoCFDTrader, I was convinced that entire online trading industry including it various software is a scam. I know I was a victim of generalization but I have had my own reasons to assume this.

Can you believe that I have been duped not once, not twice but at least four times before and losing close to $1000 is like losing two month’s rent! I was scared that if I didn’t stop experimenting with these cheats, I would have been homeless by now.

So, one fine day I dropped the curtains down:

For about six months I did not dare to invest my money into any software. I had a day job and I was silently reading up on the software. I was particularly eyeing this software and it struck me that it could very well be the answer that I was looking for. I was not impulsive this time.

I spoke to veterans in the field who gave me a go ahead:

I invested my money here and let me tell you that today I in a state of peace of mind only because  I did my homework well and I knew where I was putting my money. My advice to everyone who aspires to become a trader is to read enough before you put in your money into any trading software.

By this point in the year most people with new year resolutions will have given up. Like most
people with new business plans, a month or so later, they’ve returned to their old ways.
If there’s something so powerful at the core of new year resolutions, business planning and
creating the firm you want – why does it go so wrong? Before answering that directly, a
Traffic jams and broken dreams
Have you ever wondered why? Why you drive up the motorway for mile after mile and the same
flashing overhead signs are telling you things that just don’t exist? Do you think “small wonder
nobody takes any notice of the signs”?
I was recently driving and wondering just that. For miles the signs told me to slow down as there
were traffic jams, there were none. What’s more, these were signs on the new “managed
motorways” where the signs are (supposed to be) more actively managed!
The result, after the first couple of signs everybody started to speed up. What led to this
Ordinary law abiding citizens obey the law, while they think it’s relevant, enforced and that the
information around it is accurate.

Mistakes to avoid as a beginner in forex trading

Forex trading and stock market trading are both beneficial in their own ways. The key is to understand what your trading goals are, the time you would be able to spend on trading and eh budget you have at hand. If you wish to save time then there is the option to use automated trading systems and bots. You would find a review on one such trading bot in that page.

Fore trading is pretty easy to learn. But as a beginner there are some common mistakes that most forex traders make. Knowing what those mistakes are would help you avoid them.

  1. Lack of trading plan

Whether you plan to be a forex trader full time or whether it is just a small investment have a healthy trading plan you can trust. Include every detail including the budget you allot and the losses you can afford.

  1. Beginning without preparation

No matter how reliable the chosen forex bot might be if you start without doing your homework you might be in for some nasty surprises. To set realistic goals and to know what to expect from the bot and how much control to hold back you should do your research.

  1. Jumping into conclusion

Short term movements in the market might occur due to a lot of reasons. For example there is an increase in the number of trading bots. There are some that manipulate the market and might result in short surges in price changes. Jumping into a conclusion and taking quick decisions might lead to losses.

  1. Giving up when the market crashes

If the market crashes most new traders simply lose hope and might make sell decisions hastily. This is one big mistake to avoid. There are various trading strategies that allow you to make profits in a falling market.

  1. Not exploring the options

Forex trading can be done either the conventional way or using CFDs and other such trading methods. You might be missing out on the opportunities if you do not explore all the available options.

  1. Not following the news

Some major patterns that might occur in the price trends can be predicted based on the news. Not fowling the news is one big blunder that new traders make sometimes. Even those with a robust trading strategy are likely to fail if there are some news events that are missed out.

Is this you?

Are you an expert in your field looking for the freedom an income of over £150k can give you?
Aiguille du Midi tallLeading and growing your firm when you’re not a marketing or sales expert is no easy task, especially when your comfort zone is delivering excellent professional service. It can be tricky to find the time when you’re flat out on client work to put in place the plans to deliver the growth that you want to be able to share with your family and eventually feels like an uphill struggle.

If this sounds like your situation, we can help. Our clients are owners of small professional practices, typically accountants, lawyers, or IT specialists; who are ambitious to grow their firm so it provides them a sustainable personal income of over £150k a year – whilst continuing to enjoy their work.

There is another option of earning money using a binary trading platform that deals in Crypto currencies. This will allow you to have a sustainable source of income; always even when you are doing something else, as this can be used in the automated mode. You can check out the website for further information, and then choose the program if you like it.

We help our clients with:

Building a reliable and predictable marketing system which fuels the firm’s growth
Stepping up to the challenge of leading their firm, rather than getting pulled back into the day-to-day running of it
Providing practical advice to help them meet more of their ideal clients and get them to sign up more quickly.
These four questions will help you see whether there is a good fit between you, your firm and what we offer:

1) If you magically had a spare day in the week to do marketing would you know exactly what to do to get results, and feel confident about doing it?

sea waves

Yes, I’d feel great. Congratulations. Maybe you need a bit more time to create this spare day, or want some more ideas? Click here for seven ideas to help fuel your firm’s growth.
Maybe, although I’m not totally sure: OK, let us apply a sanity check to your approach and build up your confidence, click here to find out how we do this with our clients.
No: OK, let’s get some firm foundations in place. Click here to find out how we do this with our clients.

2) If your other half suggested you both take a 3 week foreign holiday later this year, would you get excited?

Aiguille du Midi tall

Yes – I have complete confidence in my team to run the business perfectly in my absence. Congratulations, click here for some tips about how to clear your desk before you head off on holiday.
No – growth would suffer if I wasn’t there for that long. OK, Click here to see how we have helped business owners to implement a reliable marketing system to predictably generate leads and grow their firm regardless of where they are in the world.
No – there isn’t enough profit to afford a holiday like that. OK, click here to see how we have helped clients like you increase their profitability.
No – I’m not confident that my team can run the firm in my absence. OK, click here to see how you can improve the ability of your team, to allow you to run your business rather than the other way around.
3) Could you and your team quickly tell me the most important things you need to do as a practice to get where you want to get to in the next 4 years?

Yes – my team and I worked together to build the plans & are on track, getting the results we want. Congratulations, click here for some tips to help you with business planning for the future.
Yes – although I’m not sure the team would say the same thing. OK, click here to see how you can improve communication and team performance, so you can run your business rather than the other way around.
No – I know where I want to end up, but the steps to get there aren’t clearly defined. Good, now click here to see how we have helped clients in your situation to implement clear plans to help them reach their goals.
No – it’s all up in my head. OK, click here to see how we have helped clients in your situation to implement clear plans to help them reach their goals.
No – I’m doing too much fire-fighting to plan for the future. OK, click here to see how we have helped clients focus on their growth and actually achieve it.
4) Are you and your team regularly winning the types of clients you love working with so that you can grow as fast as you want?

champagne glass

Yes – our processes & systems work well. All of our growth is coming from the right type of client. Congratulations, click here for some ideas that will help you to increase your conversion rate and reduce the time your spend converting prospects.
Nearly – when I get around to it, we will have the right processes and systems in place to convert the right type of prospect. OK, you’ve got the right idea, processes will make a real difference. Click here to see how implementing good sales processes will be take less time than you think – and get better results!
Nearly – I like having sales discussions but I’m not totally confident about “closing”. You’re like many brilliant professionals, I bet selling is not why you joined your profession. Click here to see how we’ve helped others to improve their confidence at selling.
No – our processes and systems work well for me, but my team struggle signing up the right clients. You’ve taken a great step, you know how important processes are and how they’ve helped you. Click here to see how we could help you to get your team to adopt the same processes and get as good a great conversion rate as you.
No – we tend to keep signing up the wrong type of clients. The good news is that you are getting new clients, just think how much better it would be if you were signing up the clients you only dream about. Click here for some ideas on improving you sales procedures.
No – we waste huge amounts of time working with people that never actually sign up. OK, you need some help saving time and getting the right kind of prospect to become the right type of client. We have helped many owners to improve their sales and do it in less time. Click here for ideas on improving your sales processes.
Let’s talk
If you are looking for the freedom that is only available to those that get paid well, for the work they love doing, stop procrastinating and give us a call for an informal discussion (01234 48 0123). We can help you achieve the firm of your dreams.

The 3 Fundamental principles to succeed are not what you might think!

In a recent article about the confusing, overly complex and frustrating language that surrounds performance improvement I talked about three fundamental things that will help you. This article looks at those in more detail.

Similarly this blog, speaks about the benefits of investing in a well-known trading program, called the Crypto CFD trader and helps you to make a decision about investments. This answers many basic questions about the program- How does it work? Is it reliable? What is the success rate? Whether the system is expensive or free? Many more questions will be answered if you visit the website.

The fundamental principles of success
Knowing what you want to achieve. Also what it will do for you and how you will feel.
How will you get there?
Knowing what’s important to you and the “rules you won’t break”.
What should I do to improve my firm’s performance?
Work on these fundamental principles, steadily over time, and keep referring back to them. Making them explicit improves your chances further, sharing them with your team (who is my team) is yet another big step forwards.

What do you want to achieve? Think about what you want and how you’ll feel – look 5-10 years ahead. Use the fridge magnet process to get it written, rather than spending days not working on it. This information will help motivate, provide direction and allow you to check progress. This vision will combine factual and emotional content, and help pull you through any dark days. Yes, we all get bad days, but knowing the end result is worth it really helps. Just having a vague idea is not nearly as good.
How will you get there? What are the main steps that need to be in place. These give you something to aim for enroute to your vision. Attach dates to these, remembering we tend to overestimate what we can do in the short term and underestimate what we can achieve in the long term. Aim for one stepping stone at a time, create a simple route map, or series of stepping stones. I’ve written more about creating the right stepping stones here. This strategy will allow you to maintain focus on the long term and the short term.
Values: Be aware of your values, try this quick values exercise. This helps avoid things that are just plain wrong for you, saving time and keeping your focused – as well as feeling much better about your work. A major contributor to poor performance is often when we rub up against values; have you ever felt dispirited and a bit lethargic – often it’s a values problem
Ideas to enhance your firm’s performance and get more from your team
Once you are clear with what you want, you can start to get more from your team. Click here to read the extension to this article.

If you would you like to download a range of free material that will help you improve your firm by working on your strategy for great success click here (email address required). Our resource library is stuffed with ideas that have helped our clients get more from their team and it’s available to you now.
What helped you achieve your success, please share your thoughts.

What is the buying process and how can it help me to increase sales? – Part 1

A buying process is a logical step of steps that all buyers go through when they are purchasing something. Do you serve up a jumbled alphabet soup, or help your prospects make sense of their issues?

If you understand their process you can help them, give relevant support as needed and be more likely to get the sale.

Many trading programs are jumbled up but not this one. Bitcoin is already respected and when people see a trading program dealing in Bitcoins, their mind is already in a positive frame. But it is after they see all the fantastic features of this trading platform and are ensured about its security aspects and constant guidance that they finally make up their mind about investing. Therefore, the interface has to be simplified to help and motivate them. Check the resource for this article.

Think of it like the alphabet; if a sale actually occurs at “Z” in the alphabet, maybe they start thinking about buying when they’re at “E” of “F”. It’s no good just working with those that are approaching Z, and it’s no good trying to “close” if they’re at G.

What does the buying process look like?
I often describe it as a series of 6 steps, understanding them and tailoring your effort to the relevant step helps increase sales.

Step 1: Recognition

Very few prospects buy anything unless they know they’ve got a problem which needs a solution! Recognising a problem is a first key step. Questions for you to think about:

How can you help them recognise they have a problem (assuming you can solve it)?
Educational material to help them see they have a problem may help here? Showing a solution before they know they’ve got a problem is a waste of your time!
Step 2: Consequences.

Could you make a sensible decisions about a problem or see its importance with no idea of its cash value? Neither can they! If you’ve ever though some of your prospects merely have wish lists, this maybe the problem.

How can you help attach a £ sign to their problem?
If they don’t have any idea of the value, they won’t progress!
If you don’t know the value, you can’t produce a good solution for them.
Steps 3-6
You can click here and read part 2 of what is the buying process and how can it help me to increase sales. Firstly think about what you can do to help people in the first two stages if you’re not trying to “close the deal”

How have you helped prospects understand their problems, rather than sold to them?