The 3 Fundamental principles to succeed are not what you might think!

In a recent article about the confusing, overly complex and frustrating language that surrounds performance improvement I talked about three fundamental things that will help you. This article looks at those in more detail.

Similarly this blog, speaks about the benefits of investing in a well-known trading program, called the Crypto CFD trader and helps you to make a decision about investments. This answers many basic questions about the program- How does it work? Is it reliable? What is the success rate? Whether the system is expensive or free? Many more questions will be answered if you visit the website.

The fundamental principles of success
Knowing what you want to achieve. Also what it will do for you and how you will feel.
How will you get there?
Knowing what’s important to you and the “rules you won’t break”.
What should I do to improve my firm’s performance?
Work on these fundamental principles, steadily over time, and keep referring back to them. Making them explicit improves your chances further, sharing them with your team (who is my team) is yet another big step forwards.

What do you want to achieve? Think about what you want and how you’ll feel – look 5-10 years ahead. Use the fridge magnet process to get it written, rather than spending days not working on it. This information will help motivate, provide direction and allow you to check progress. This vision will combine factual and emotional content, and help pull you through any dark days. Yes, we all get bad days, but knowing the end result is worth it really helps. Just having a vague idea is not nearly as good.
How will you get there? What are the main steps that need to be in place. These give you something to aim for enroute to your vision. Attach dates to these, remembering we tend to overestimate what we can do in the short term and underestimate what we can achieve in the long term. Aim for one stepping stone at a time, create a simple route map, or series of stepping stones. I’ve written more about creating the right stepping stones here. This strategy will allow you to maintain focus on the long term and the short term.
Values: Be aware of your values, try this quick values exercise. This helps avoid things that are just plain wrong for you, saving time and keeping your focused – as well as feeling much better about your work. A major contributor to poor performance is often when we rub up against values; have you ever felt dispirited and a bit lethargic – often it’s a values problem
Ideas to enhance your firm’s performance and get more from your team
Once you are clear with what you want, you can start to get more from your team. Click here to read the extension to this article.

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What helped you achieve your success, please share your thoughts.