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Are you an expert in your field looking for the freedom an income of over £150k can give you?
Aiguille du Midi tallLeading and growing your firm when you’re not a marketing or sales expert is no easy task, especially when your comfort zone is delivering excellent professional service. It can be tricky to find the time when you’re flat out on client work to put in place the plans to deliver the growth that you want to be able to share with your family and eventually feels like an uphill struggle.

If this sounds like your situation, we can help. Our clients are owners of small professional practices, typically accountants, lawyers, or IT specialists; who are ambitious to grow their firm so it provides them a sustainable personal income of over £150k a year – whilst continuing to enjoy their work.

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We help our clients with:

Building a reliable and predictable marketing system which fuels the firm’s growth
Stepping up to the challenge of leading their firm, rather than getting pulled back into the day-to-day running of it
Providing practical advice to help them meet more of their ideal clients and get them to sign up more quickly.
These four questions will help you see whether there is a good fit between you, your firm and what we offer:

1) If you magically had a spare day in the week to do marketing would you know exactly what to do to get results, and feel confident about doing it?

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Yes, I’d feel great. Congratulations. Maybe you need a bit more time to create this spare day, or want some more ideas? Click here for seven ideas to help fuel your firm’s growth.
Maybe, although I’m not totally sure: OK, let us apply a sanity check to your approach and build up your confidence, click here to find out how we do this with our clients.
No: OK, let’s get some firm foundations in place. Click here to find out how we do this with our clients.

2) If your other half suggested you both take a 3 week foreign holiday later this year, would you get excited?

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Yes – I have complete confidence in my team to run the business perfectly in my absence. Congratulations, click here for some tips about how to clear your desk before you head off on holiday.
No – growth would suffer if I wasn’t there for that long. OK, Click here to see how we have helped business owners to implement a reliable marketing system to predictably generate leads and grow their firm regardless of where they are in the world.
No – there isn’t enough profit to afford a holiday like that. OK, click here to see how we have helped clients like you increase their profitability.
No – I’m not confident that my team can run the firm in my absence. OK, click here to see how you can improve the ability of your team, to allow you to run your business rather than the other way around.
3) Could you and your team quickly tell me the most important things you need to do as a practice to get where you want to get to in the next 4 years?

Yes – my team and I worked together to build the plans & are on track, getting the results we want. Congratulations, click here for some tips to help you with business planning for the future.
Yes – although I’m not sure the team would say the same thing. OK, click here to see how you can improve communication and team performance, so you can run your business rather than the other way around.
No – I know where I want to end up, but the steps to get there aren’t clearly defined. Good, now click here to see how we have helped clients in your situation to implement clear plans to help them reach their goals.
No – it’s all up in my head. OK, click here to see how we have helped clients in your situation to implement clear plans to help them reach their goals.
No – I’m doing too much fire-fighting to plan for the future. OK, click here to see how we have helped clients focus on their growth and actually achieve it.
4) Are you and your team regularly winning the types of clients you love working with so that you can grow as fast as you want?

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Yes – our processes & systems work well. All of our growth is coming from the right type of client. Congratulations, click here for some ideas that will help you to increase your conversion rate and reduce the time your spend converting prospects.
Nearly – when I get around to it, we will have the right processes and systems in place to convert the right type of prospect. OK, you’ve got the right idea, processes will make a real difference. Click here to see how implementing good sales processes will be take less time than you think – and get better results!
Nearly – I like having sales discussions but I’m not totally confident about “closing”. You’re like many brilliant professionals, I bet selling is not why you joined your profession. Click here to see how we’ve helped others to improve their confidence at selling.
No – our processes and systems work well for me, but my team struggle signing up the right clients. You’ve taken a great step, you know how important processes are and how they’ve helped you. Click here to see how we could help you to get your team to adopt the same processes and get as good a great conversion rate as you.
No – we tend to keep signing up the wrong type of clients. The good news is that you are getting new clients, just think how much better it would be if you were signing up the clients you only dream about. Click here for some ideas on improving you sales procedures.
No – we waste huge amounts of time working with people that never actually sign up. OK, you need some help saving time and getting the right kind of prospect to become the right type of client. We have helped many owners to improve their sales and do it in less time. Click here for ideas on improving your sales processes.
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