Using LinkedIn groups to get more business

You may have seen the group function on LinkedIn, but do you really use it?

“I’m in lots of groups, but don’t use them”
“The group seems really quiet”
“What should I do in a group”
“How do I choose which groups to belong to”
The groups in LinkedIn can be a fantastic way of getting to know your contacts and what they need, getting to know new contacts and a critical part of getting invoiceable business from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Groups
Groups are discussion forums on LinkedIn of like minded individuals. Using them well is a great way to get in contact with more people and demonstrate your expertise.

Why are LinkedIn groups good?
The discussions in groups can give you an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and to get to know people. Groups tend to be focussed around a particular category of person – by their needs or interests.

LinkedIn groups are a great way to get to know the people you want to be connected to. Decide how much time you can devote to getting to know people in your target market and start by making regular, useful, contributions to the groups that they are in. Engage in sensible conversation with them, then you are ready to take the relationship off of the public forum and exploring ways that you could work together.

I am in lots of LinkedIn groups, is there a limit?
Yes, you can only be a member of 50 groups at any one time. Ask yourself what your purpose for being in the groups is and how each group is helping you with that.

If you are not setting aside time to contribute to the groups and participate in the discussions, is there a point in being there? If you are going to use LinkedIn well, you need to set aside a set amount of time every day/ week to use it and participate in groups.

How do I choose which LinkedIn groups to join?
There are hundreds of groups to choose from, search from groups by keywords or categories. Join, look at who is there and what the discussion is like, you can always quietly leave again. Did you never go window shopping and walk into a shop without buying?

A really good tip is to target the groups that your prospects are in. Search for your prospects, look at the groups they belong to (20 minutes of research time), their groups are shown on their profiles.

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What should I do in the groups?
Look at the discussions that are already there, which can you contribute some useful information to? Perhaps:

You’re an expert in the subject being discussed
You have experienced the issue under discussion or have some good ideas about it
You recently read a good online article about it (can share the link)
You are genuinely interested in the answer
What discussion threads can you start? If you want to be well known in the group as a positive contributor who is worth knowing you may consider:

Starting a discussion around a blog you’ve written
Starting a discussion around something clients often ask you
Sharing a link to an article of interest that is linked to what you do
What shouldn’t I do in groups?
You will get the best results by being interesting, helpful and supportive; not selling or being negative.

What comes next?
As you look at the people in the discussions which are of interest to you? Connecting with people of interest is a good way to start developing the relationship.
Offering some offline support if their query is something you wouldn’t discuss in public

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Having a contact development strategy. It’s no good jsut having hundreds of connections, what are you going to do with them?
How much time should I spend using LinkedIn?
How long is a piece of string? What do you want to achieve, how much time do you have? Decide on a regular amount of time and how you will use it, now do it! You may choose to spend 1 hour every other day, broken down into 30 minutes contributing to groups, some time sharing news (status updates) and some time researching your contact. It depends on how LinkedIn fits within your marketing strategy.