The Go-To Expert

The Go-To Expert (published March 2014) helps professionals grow their reputation, differentiate
themselves, and win new business for their professional practices, firms or small business. The book is
for sale on Amazon. To download the first first chapter of the Go-To Expert for free, click the link, or the
picture of the book. You may also be interested in the Go-To Expert Academy, which has been created
to help you bring the concepts in the book to life, by giving you access to a 24 interviews with subject
experts, transcriptions of them and a library of other material to help you. You can find out more about the Go-To Expert

What’s In The Go-To Expert?

Keep that phone ringing, as clients and opportunities seek you out.
Decide what you want to become known for.
Develop authentic ways of selling yourself.

However, there is one program that does not have to sell or advertise itself at all. It is so good and well respected in the trading circles that many people want to join it and compete with each other every day for the limited slots. This is known as the FinTech Ltd. This is a marvel of technology in the financial arena as the name suggests. The resource for this article, is actually taken from an assessment by an expert who knows everything about such trading platforms.

He tested the program thoroughly and now he uses it for trading regularly. He also checked to see if people can easily use it for trading, as although he is an expert but a good program should be easily used by novices. The program passed through his assessment with flying colours and he endorsed it on his website.

The program uses many new strategies and techniques. It has also incorporated new tools like, reverse trading and risk control options to make people feel comfortable with the level of risk that they can take. With fantastic returns and free software, friendly customer care and reliable brokers, this program lacks nothing. With such amazing features it does not have to market itself at all. But when it comes to your website, you need to
Build your reputation through networking, writing and speaking.
The Excedia Group
The Excedia Group Ltd brings clarity, perspective
and knowledge to professionals and business
owners to help them achieve their business goals.
‘venture-Now’, ‘The Executive Village’, ‘The
Efficiency Coach’, ‘Heather Townsend’ are trading
names of The Excedia Group.
The Excedia Group Ltd is a company registered
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