Impact Of Inflation And IIP Numbers On The Market

Impact Of Inflation And IIP Numbers On The Market

Inflation happens when there is a rise in the price of services and goods. When there is inflation it erodes the purchasing power of money. So if the price of goods and services rises then this is caused because of inflation.

Inflation is apart of the economy but when the inflation level is very high then this leads to uneasiness in the economy. When the inflation rate is high then this is bad for the market. The government then interferes to manage the level of inflation. The rate of inflation is measured using an index. This index is used to measure inflation. If the index value is going up, then this means that the inflation is rising. If the index is falling down then inflation is easing.

The inflation is further divided into two kinds.

Wholesale price index (WPI)

The wholesale price index is the price movement at the wholesale price level. The WPI measures the increase or the decrease in the price when the goods are sold between organizations and not to consumers. The WPI is a good tool to calculate the rate of inflation. The inflation that is measured here is at the organization level and this may not necessarily be a true representation of inflation at the lower level.

The central bank aims to balance the interest rate and inflation. When there is a low-interest rate then it causes the inflation to increase. High-interest rates cause the inflation to decrease.

Consumer price index (CPI)

The CPI captures the effect of the price changes that happen at the consumer or retail level. The CPI number is an important tool and this is what actually matters. The CPI is calculated by classifying the consumption of products across many sub-categories as well as across the rural and the urban regions. Each of the categories is formed into an index and thus when the financial amount of CPI is calculated then this is a representation of many of the indices. The CPI is a very detailed figure and is a very important metric that is used in economics.

Index of industrial production or IIP

TheIIP or the index of industrial production is a representation of how the industries are performing in a country. The IIP numbers are released every month and it measures the industrial sector production. This is measured against a fixed reference value which is the figure of a base year.

The different industries, read the source,  submit their data of production and this data is collated to release the IIP number. When the value of the IIP is going up, then this means that the economy is doing good. When the IIP figures are decreasing then this is negative for the economy.

So an upward move in industrial production is beneficial for the economy. A downward move is bad for the economy. When the IIP figures are very low then the central bank is forced to cut interest rates.

Trading Successfully Online Ensues From Choosing The Right Broker

Trading Successfully Online Ensues From Choosing The Right Broker

Choose software with registered brokers only:

It is possible that you may have come across stories on the internet and outside about the various scams and frauds that are related to trading in binary options. If you have paid enough heed to the trend, a majority of the frauds happen only because the broker that the trading website assigns to its client trader is a bogus or a fraud one.

How do you recognize if the broker is not the right kind?

This is one of the biggest reasons why traders both beginners and the experts fall prey to online frauds. As soon as a person opens a trading account on a trading platform and connects his bank account with the software, the software will connect him to a broker of its choice as soon as the minimum required a balance of $250 is credited in his trading account.

The assigning of the broker is randomly done:

The broker is randomly assigned but a big part of the responsibility lies in the hands of the software. The trading software may be in a close nexus with the unregistered and unlicensed brokers and are equally responsible for any siphoning off money that takes place.

That is the reason why QProfit System is so reliable:

I read more about QProfit System on its website. The website claims that all its brokers are registered with the regulating authorities. There is no scope that the website allows for any unregistered broker to be assigned to any trader. This is one of the main reasons that this software is a genuinely legit one and not an iota of fraud that most of the others are. ‘

It is important that you have to be able to choose software that only allows for genuine brokers because then you can be sure that the money that you invest in is safe.

I have traded with bogus brokers and I have lost a chunk of money to them. But with QProfit System, my experience has been awesome. It has almost made up all the losses that I suffered in the past. I am really looking forward to having a great time on this software because I do not see myself platform shopping at all after knowing how genuine this particular software is.

I have blogged extensively to spread the good word and I hope every trader hits upon genuine software like this one and does not have to lose any money to the spineless scamster.

Do You Want To Know More About Online Trading?

Do You Want To Know More About Online Trading?

A trend that is picking up:

It was only in the year 2008 that trading in binary options started off. Even though it looked like obscure, it picked up in a big way. There were a few naysayers who predicted that this was a bubble only. That it would burst in a couple of years. But I am so glad that all of them have been proved terribly wrong.

The great recession was one of the reasons that it picked force:

The timing was correct. It was during the 2008 global meltdown. The recession was a nightmare for most of the people who were in the middle and the lower management and they had to seriously fall back onto something concrete to be able to make a living else they perish.

Jobs were being listed by thousands and every day the future looked bleaker. It was during this time that online trading in binary options came about like a messiah.

Statistics prove categorically that from 2008 to the current year, traders in the online medium have increased yearly by one thousand percent. That is a big number to cross every year.

There are skeptics galore:

Of course, even today there are thousands of people who will tell you that you cannot really make money trading in binary options because there are more scams than legit platforms there. But I have only one question to ask them: suppose that a trader does his research really well and ends himself up on the right platform, will they take their doubtful words back?

A good amount of research on the net will definitely yield a list of legit software names:

And I am sure that QProfit System’s name leads all the rest. I personally have traded on this awesome software and seriously have to come across any other such legit software that puts its trader’s interest beyond itself. It is hard to find such kind of dedicated trading software anywhere in the world! Mark my words today!!

I read more about QProfit System from a lot of review sites that regularly come up with reviews on the best and the worst ones. There are positive testimonial galore on the internet about this software and I feel that it probably has the biggest number of traders on it.

Worth a try!

Before you log on to any other trading software, I request you to give this one chance. I am so sure that you will be so hooked to its integrity that you will think that this was your original destination. No more hunting for legit software then!


   How do Blockchain and Cryptocurrency work together?

 The very existence of cryptocurrency is through the blockchain technology which is so rampant in the financial trading markets today that less said is more. As a medium of exchange, the cryptocurrency uses the digital and encrypted techniques to verify and create the money to buy, sell and transfer money in digital trading. As cyber currency cryptocurrencies have:

  • no physical form and they exist on virtually
  • there is no central authority monitoring its inflow and outflow
  • being in a decentralized network the regulation on them is not very high
  • It cannot be redeemed or exchanged for other commodities like silver, stocks, etc.
  • use of cryptocurrency has reached a very far network including financial services, healthcare, risk management, government for voting purposes with immediate results  and automotive industries to manage the ownership details

The main purpose for the cryptocurrency market to thrive was the fact that money is not an object anymore, and does not have to be in a physical form which has settled in the minds of traders, investors who are using various trading platforms like Ethereum Code to buy/ sell in the electronic medium. Now once the buying/ selling happen and the profit is booked, where is the money or the coin equivalent? It is simply lying in the exchange and how to claim it into the trader’s account, is just by transferring the coins in the digital wallet which one has to open for holding their keys private without being hacked or stolen.

How blockchain in Cryptocurrency?

  • someone request for a transaction using the blockchain, high power computer network the validation of the transactions happens in the nodes using the algorithms, once verified the transaction becomes either a crypto contract, currency or other data
  • the data once verified creates a new block of ledger, which attaches into the existing blocks which are unalterable and permanent making it a highly transparent and cost-effective way of storing data in the virtual space

Taking advantage of this technology has benefitted the traders, investors and the creators who have worked relentlessly to provide easier modes of using the blockchain technology in their software platforms which enable the users to take the added feature of trading with automated trading robot, and make their life easy while the trading happens in the background of the computer screens.

TheTop Down Approach To Taking A Trade

TheTop Down Approach To Taking A Trade

Trading is not gambling. It is a game of probabilities. The professional traders have tried and tested strategy and they take their trades when the trade set up is formed.

The professional traders do not guess their trades. They do a top-down approach to take a trade and then when all the criteria are met, they then place a trigger.

How to trade in the market

The trading using technical analysis is popular and those who trade using this method is known as technical analysts. The technical analysts analyze the market using charts and candlestick patterns and look for high probability trading opportunities.

The technical analysts look at multiple time frames to analyze their trade. They take a top-down approach here. The analyst first sees a higher time frame chart of the stock. This lets him look for quality demand and supply levels. He also analyzes how the stock is moving in the higher time frame chart.

Suppose the candlestick on the higher time frame chart is at a demand level. He then waits for the price to start turning from the demand level. He plans to be a buyer in the stock.

The next step is to watch the lower time frame chart closely. Since the candle is at the demand level on the higher time frame chart, in all probability it will start to move up from this level. This may not be a trend change in the higher time frame chart but could just be a correction. The trader plans to make use of this correction.

When the candle starts moving higher in the higher time frame chart it starts to make higher highs and higher lows in the lower time frame chart. This is where the trader will be looking for opportunities to go long on the stock.

The trader should however wait for a short-term trend to develop on the lower time frame chart. Also if the price has reached the higher time frame supply zone then he should refrain from investing in this stock.

Once the trader sees a bullish trend being formed in the lower time frame chart, he should look for demand levels on the lower timeframe chart and trade when price retraces back to that level.

The smaller time frame chart

The trader could adjust the level on the smallest timeframe chart. The stop loss should be placed below the demand level.

The similar set up can be placed to short the market. Here the trader needs to look for quality supply levels.

Risk To Reward Ratio Needs To Be Maintained On All The Trades

Risk To Reward Ratio Needs To Be Maintained On All The Trades

The thought of trading for income tempts all but very few believe that it is actually possible. Well, why is that so?

This is because they think that how is it possible to be profitable in all the trades? The market is volatile and there can be unexpected swings at any time. So how can you be prepared for these swings and make sure that you are always in the green?

To trade for an income you need to be profitable in every trade and make sure that there is no trade that ends in a loss, right? No, this is absolutely wrong

The successful traders have a different story here

The professional traders who actually trade for a living will tell you that most of their trades end in the red. So how do they still manage to make regular income trading?

This is because they have a risk to reward ratio on each trade that they take.

What is a risk to reward ratio?

The risk to reward ratio, as the name suggests is the amount of risk that you are ready to take for the reward that you expect to make each trade. Would you be ready to say take a risk of 100 for a reward of 50? Highly unlikely! But would you be ready to do the other way around? Like, take a risk of 50 for a reward of 100. Most probably yes!

For every trade that you take, you should ensure at least a reward: risk ratio of 2:1 or higher. It is better if it is higher because it gives you more room.

If you are an intraday trader then ensure that you at least have a 2:1 reward to risk ratio on each trade. A positional trader should aim for a 3:1 reward to risk ratio on every trade.

How does this help?

If you maintain this reward to risk ratio say of 2:1 then if you just have one profitable trade and two loss trades you still are even. With a higher reward to risk ratio on each trade, you are ok to take more losing trades than profitable trades and still not lose your capital.

So you understand how the professional trades, even with a higher number of loss-making trades, still and green?


Honor the reward to risk ratio on each trade and you should never take a trade that is less than 2:1 reward to risk ratio. This should be apart of your trade plan as well.

A Simple Note On Market Maker

A market maker is usually referred to as an exchange sub-firm or say, a member firm which is stamped with the duties to manage and retain the liquidity of a specific instrumental tool and that too for a period depending on the status of Crypto CFD Trader review of quoting bid and sell orders.

Mostly, the type of financial instrument for which a member firm performs market making activities include shares, ETFs, and other structured products.

Organizational strategies of the sub-firm that uplift MMs performance include

  • The member firm must ensure that none of the MM activities mingles with the regular trading errands.
  • It should establish some effective criteria for preventing and controlling the information exchange or else, it can result in market abuse and thereby affecting the performance of MMs works.
  • Moreover, they must clearly avoid any situations of conflict which has the tendency to harm the client interest and hence resulting in a low working activity.
  • Further, they want to keep the record of orders and transactions held till date, in accordance with the rules and regulations of Exchange documents.

The element firm needs to send its members for Exchange employee training in relation to MM facility which includes lectures. Additionally, as qualified personnel, you need to satisfy the following requirements for the success of MM

  • Can perform the activities of a valid broker or investment advisor
  • Productively complete all the pieces of training organized under Exchange

In addition to all these, some technical requirements are needed to be met for increasing the MM skill and includes

  • Usage of advanced application software
  • Perform tasks only via automatic order

How to apply for MM activity?

The sub-firm can apply via two methods

  • TWS or Trader Workstation interface: Here they have to carry out a simulation practice in the testing environment.
  • New or Updated User application: Proceed in accordance with IT sector of brokerage firms.

If the Exchange approves the application, it is further guided to the grant MM status where

  • Data on the consecutive instrument are evaluated
  • The required date on which the member firm anticipate starting working is also noted down
  • And finally, the statement of the firm regarding the previous

information is also validated

Further, the division firm should attach the application for opening and closing of a user account with respect to its employee and must specify the users’ role and the instrument with which he is efficient with market maker trading.





Crypto Robot trading website is creating waves everywhere

Steve McKay’s Crypto Robot trading website is creating waves everywhere. All the experts and novices alike are going crazy to join the program as it has proven to be a genuine robotic trading program. If you read the expert opinion about this Bitcoin Loophole software, then you will be convinced as well about the efficiency of the robot and its success rate.

It has been developed and created by a genius and has also managed to win awards for him for its design and smooth functioning. You can see significant wins immediately after joining. I read all the reviews and then only joined as I was convinced about the program’s reliable performance and the safety of my money. I also checked many other reviews and testimonial before actually signing up. The fact is that it is so popular that many people register and they are not able to accommodate all those people. Anyway I was one of the few chosen ones to get the invite after registering so I grabbed the chance and followed the link provided in my mail.


The process is very simple.

  1. Register with the basic details
  2. Join by paying the amount of 250 Dollars.
  3. Start trading with the broker allotted to you.

The aspects that attracted me to the program are its reliable interface and the names associated with it. Many websites have impressive trading platforms but they may not have legitimate brokers and then your money may not come back at all. On the other hand, this website has only valid license holders as brokers, who can help you trade online in a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. The other aspect is the robotic system that performs amazingly well and can make split second decisions for you. Most of the decisions are correct and that ensures that not only your money remains safe but it also earns profits for you consistently, every day.

The robot was another matter altogether and I tried to understand all the implications by reading the instructions. I chose the automated trading mode but if I want I can also choose the manual mode anytime I want. This convenience allows people to relax as they can change between the modes anytime they want to trade using the tips provided by the software.

It is an amazing program and has everything that you may look for in a trading program. Join it after understanding the terms. Do grab the invite if you get one but start slow and steady.

This is my experience with this world class trading software

I was dejected:

And not doing well on the financial front was the main reason.

As if losing my job was not enough, I was being duped continuously by Ponzi schemes that I had bonafide invested in thinking that I could create a corpus for the rainy day in case something went wrong on the job front.

But that was not to be:

Friends and relatives kept harping about software programs that aided trading online in binary options and I kept giving in thinking that when so many people have themselves tried their hand, why not me?

But fate always disappointed!

Leave alone making profits, I could not even retain a minimum balance in the trading account. Only within four or five hours at the maximum my hard earned money to the tune of $250 would evaporate into thin air and I would be searching high and low for some respite. This has happened so many times that I have forgotten precisely how much of my valuable money I have lost to these fraudsters who will not bat an eyelid before they will scam another trader.

I sometimes wonder, if they even have a spine!

These scammers are mind blowing with their criminal modus operandi. They never get tired of stashing all the cash that they loot from the naïve traders who trust them with their eyes closed. I mean this is the worst kind of felony where you scam someone who trusts you and you try to take advantage of their trust. How low can someone even stoop?

The consolation:

But if there was any consolation, then it was in the form of a perfectly legit software called QProfit System feedback for which is extremely positive form me as well as majority of the people who care to leave behind testimonials on the internet and also those who review them objectively on various reviewing sites and also on their personal blogs.

So, what is it that impressed me?

First of all, it is a legit one. And since I zeroed on this one after having hurtled a lot everywhere else, it made sense to me to stick to this one. I had always thought that I must distribute my risks evenly in case perfectly legit software also turned juvenile suddenly. But all the fears were unfounded. I have been trading on this wonderful software for more than two years and each time I have had this feeling that they will never play with anyone’s trust.

I strongly recommend this to anyone who wishes to make a supplementary income. Do check out their website and read the fine print before you begin investing as a precautionary rule anyhow.

Busting the cryptocurrency myths

Cryptocurrencies have been there for close to a decade now. There are various ways in which these convenient digital currencies are being used. They are used for financial transactions to purchase products and services. And they are also being traded like conventional currencies. If the currency that you have purchased soars in its price then you would be able to sell your crypto coins and earn the profit. Are you new to the field of cryptocurrencies? Fear not there are some great cryptocurrency bots. You can even trade cryptocurrencies without actually buying them by investing in CFD trading with cryptocurrencies. If you choose a cryptocurrency and CFD trading robot you would be able to effortlessly begin your journey in crypto trading.

All that being said there are still some myths that are associated with crypto currencies and crypto trading:

  1. You are gambling when you purchase cryptocurrencies

Gambling is very different from trading. With gambling there is the luck factor that determines the winning chances no matter how strong a strategy you have. But with cryptocurrencies it is much similar to trading in stocks. The market volatility is observed and put to good use to make profits from the price changes that occur.

  1. Cryptocurrencies have saturated

It is not too late. It has been several years since these digital currencies were first introduced but they have started gaining momentum very recently. With the massive growth that occurred in the recent years there are measures being considered to stabilize and find a long term plan for these currencies. So if you have still not invested in crypto currencies it is not late.

  1. It is too much of technology to understand

Anything that you do not know about might seem a bit overwhelming at first. The same applies to crypto currencies as well. The technology that lies underneath might be sophisticated. But you would simply have to understand how the ICOs work and how to buy and sell crypto currencies. Once you enter crypto trading it is quite easy to understand.

  1. It is illegal to buy and trade cryptocurrencies

The unstoppable growth of crypto currencies has caught the attention of the major nations. Though there are no regulations surrounding crypto trading in most regions this is not illegal. In fact, considering the growing popularity of crypto trading several nations are now coming forward to regulate and streamline crypto currency systems.