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Growing your firm

Regardless of what you sell the client has to buy YOU. Sell more by remembering that and yes diving with turtles is a passion of mine!

People buy into YOU, not your firm.

Regardless of the type of firm you own, or the service you’re selling, people buy into you before they buy your firm or its services. So, if you’re looking to sell more, sign up more clients, sign up better clients or simply get more referrals from your networking group – read this article. Seven Tips […]

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Client needs, client service and toilet rolls.

How often have you thought about client needs lately? No, really thought about them, and how you could be adapting your offering? Here are some ideas about how, and why you might think about changing client needs and your offering. Toilet rolls and client service? Have you have noticed it too? Nowadays everything seems to […]

Leading your team

Frustration Noise

I’m an introvert: get me out of here!

What should I do about being an introvert? Many professionals, once they open up, will admit to being an introvert. It’s normally accompanied by statements that make it seem as if being introverted is a bad thing and that they’re ashamed of it. It often gets linked to lacking self-confidence and goes with a statement […]

Pollarded tree. Do you pollard your staff, or help with staff development?

What should I do about Staff development in my firm?

What’s your approach to staff development, structured and regular, or less regular and more hardy? This article has three tips to help with staff development in your firm. Staff motivation and development is different in a small firm to a larger one. These questions are great, as it shows concern about staff motivation and development . Some don’t think about staff […]

Your strategy

Dealing with conflict at work. Is it like this angry man?

Debtors taking the *** – How do you feel?

What do you think of businesses that don’t pay their bills on time? No, stop, what do you think about people that don’t pay their bills on time? This has nothing to do with businesses, and everything to do with individuals choosing to not pay.   This article summarises a discussion a group were having […]


Values in business? Its accrual world

Its accrual word when business success requires us to consider our values, look inside ourselves to realise what we really stand for and then tell the world. Its accrual world those professionals who are technically brilliant, need to do the opposite of what the stereotypical Accountant or Lawyer do, and show emotions and our feelings. […]