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Growing your firm

sunset over orkneys divesite

Exceptional client service, in my bed?

Exceptional client service is not about being nice to clients. It’s a state of mind where one is always looking for ways to show you are thinking of clients. One very hot night this summer I stayed at some budget hotels and B&B’s, whilst diving my way round the UK coast. One of them really impressed […]

Blog diary

Does your blog suffer from sinister buttocks?

I thought that might get your attention (but it is relevant and I didn’t make it up!). If you every worry about “what to write in your business blog”, here are a couple of ideas to help – starting with something that made me smile in the news this weekend (hence sinister buttocks). What to […]

Leading your team

Wasting time? A bit like this Tax Disc?

What are you wasting your time on?

In almost every firm there are small practices which are wasting time. They use up time and produce little useful output. The reason is normally because they were started some time ago and technology, working practices or clients requirements have changed – but not the way the job is done. What’s it like in your firm? […]

Feedback: Using it to imrprove a team

Involving your team in strategic planning – motivating, or not?

Many professionals think about motivating their team and also about strategic planning. Some realise that linking the two can be powerful, but then don’t do it. Is it too much to ask of the team? Why involve your team in strategic planning? Your want your team to take more interest in the direction of your […]

Your strategy

Is your business strategy up to date, accounting for changes in the core?

Has your core business moved?

When there are movements deep down underground, there are earthquakes and volcanoes above ground. When core technologies move, there are repercussions throughout business. Is your business strategy up to date? How many of your clients have businesses that have been disrupted by technology in the last few years? Shops are less and less relevant, Graphic designers are […]


The problem with objectives and goal setting

Objectives are great things, aren’t they? Goal setting is a really obvious thing to do as it can improve performance, can’t it? Of course if you don’t have any goals you can’t have a strategy and you can’t be successful. How true is that?  One analogy is of going for a walk, the clearer your […]