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Growing your firm

Is adoption of social media the problem, or is it relationship management?

Recently I have been asked to talk to a few firms about their social media. The trouble is that it soon becomes clear the problem isn’t social media! OK, I could deliver them and ‘advanced LinkedIn course’ and they would feel good. We could develop a social media strategy and that might appear to be […]


5 marketing tips to improve your income.

Have you seen some professionals emerging from the Christmas break blinking like moles (those that aren’t pushed over the edge finishing tax returns that is). Maybe there’s some new year energy floating around, if you want to use it to grow your firm – read on for 5 practical marketing tips. 5 practical marketing tips […]

Leading your team

11 Ways of dealing with difficult people

Dealing with difficult people can be…well difficult! Do you avoid them and treads on eggshells, or do you barge right in and inflame the situation? Perhaps it’s one of your team who is permanently angry, or it may even be that they are in a really foul mood today and it’s disrupting the rest of […]

run the day sm

Do you run your day?

It’s the new year, the new you and you’ve decided to get organised (again)? Or maybe you feel things are out of control and it’s time for change. This article has three ideas to help your “time management”. Time Management is NOT the answer How often have you thought about improving time management, well you can’t […]

Your strategy

collapsed after celebrating new year resolution

New year resolutions, goals and business plans – SO last year?

So you’ve made it past the bit where everybody is saying happy New Year, to the point where everybody gives up on their New Year resolutions, goals and business plans? If you want to grow your firm, are such plans (or whatever word you use) actually worth it and how do you keep them going? […]

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The habits you need, to get what you want

When did you last review your firm’s strategy, discuss it with those who will help you deliver it or even think about why you’re doing it? If it’s time to quickly review your strategy, and focus on implementing it – here are four ideas to help. How many times do you hear people telling you that […]