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Growing your firm

Does your blog suffer from sinister buttocks?

I thought that might get your attention (but it is relevant and I didn’t make it up!). If you every worry about “what to write in your business blog”, here are a couple of ideas to help – starting with something that made me smile in the news this weekend (hence sinister buttocks). What to […]


How can I increase my prices? 8 ideas to help your fee increase go more smoothly

Many professionals would like to increase their fees, but worry about doing so. They often ask “how can I increase my prices without losing clients”. One person recently said: I have a client I’ve been working with for some time who is well connected, has become a friend, and pays on time. However, I am charging her […]

Leading your team


Improving team performance

Improving team performance is a great idea, but sometimes the team is struggling – or maybe it’s your team leader who can’t quite get her team going.  This article is about improving team performance, whether it’s your team, or you need to help your supervisor. So, the team are struggling and you’re not doing as well […]

Mixed messages on the lamp post

Staff productivity and “mixed messages”.

Mixed messages can cause confusion, demotivation and waste hours that a small firm can’t afford. Yet, staff often complain about mixed messages from their boss. How can you ensure you’re not guilty of giving out mixed messages? Mixed messages can cause staff to feel confusion, anger, and tend to reduce productivity. When working with the […]

Your strategy


The problem with objectives and goal setting

Objectives are great things, aren’t they? Goal setting is a really obvious thing to do as it can improve performance, can’t it? Of course if you don’t have any goals you can’t have a strategy and you can’t be successful. How true is that?  One analogy is of going for a walk, the clearer your […]

Dealing with conflict at work. Is it like this angry man?

Debtors taking the *** – How do you feel?

What do you think of businesses that don’t pay their bills on time? No, stop, what do you think about people that don’t pay their bills on time? This has nothing to do with businesses, and everything to do with individuals choosing to not pay.   This article summarises a discussion a group were having […]